Located on the Greek island of Samos, in the quaint village of Chora, Samos Music Rooms provides a unique studio experience. Built in a renovated wine factory from the early sixties, the space combines modern and professional equipment with a one of a kind location to inspire musicians from around the world. Geographically situated at a crossroads between east and west, Samos provides a distinctive energy that encourages and attracts musicians to explore and experiment.

    Music Rooms

    The studio, designed and engineered by ACOU acoustics & construction engineering, consists of a main live room and a control room. Additionally located nearby is a smaller rehearsal and improvisation studio equipped with a Yamaha g-5 E grand piano.

    Within walking distance to the studio, the apartments are beautifully appointed and highlight Greece’s unique architectural style and warm hospitality.

    The live room’s existing equipment includes a Yamaha G-5 grand piano, a Steinway and Sons ebonized upright piano, a full set of Yamaha drums, a Fender Twin reverb guitar amplifier, a Fishman Loudboy guitar amplifier, a Glockenlang bass amplifier, Nord Electro 5 synthesizer and Roland RD-2000 synthesizer. An array of small and large diaphragm microphones from Neumann, DPA, AKG, Microtech and Geffel are availiable. The control room is equipped with 24 channel strip input, Bae1073 MP pre- amp, Universal 4-710d pre-amp, Universal quad2 sound card, SSI Uc1 control, Quest monitors and Pro- Tools software. Any additional equipment needed can be procured easily and in a timely fashion from sources in Athens.

    In addition to the studio’s rehearsal and recording capabilities it is also equipped with cameras to facilitate masterclasses in HD livestream.

    Technical Characteristics
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