Samos Young Artists Festival 2010

    The stage of the Samos Young Artists Festival during the day. Musicians rehearsing and technical staaff working.. In the middle of the stage a white tent protecting the piano from the heat

    SYAF 2010

Ancient Theatre

    In August 2010 the first Live Music Concerts in the Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion. Organized by the Schwarz Foundation, together with Yehudi Menuin Live Music Now Munich.

    Participating Musicians

    Lilian Akapowa (piano)

    Participating Musicians

    Lilian Akapowa (piano); Vanessa Brenzinger (flute); Caroline Busser (violoncello); Lauriane Follonier (piano); Tonko Huljev (bassoon); Lukas Imbiriba (guitar); Theresia Lehner (violoncello); Elena Rachelis (piano); Paul Rah (violoncello); Verena Richter (saxophone); Dimitrij Romanov (piano); Sebastian Seel (piano); Barbara Stegemann (oboe); Hed Yaron-Mayerson (violin); Maria Yukiko Meuten (violin)

    Everything is Music

    A documentary film by Pauline Roenneberg
    Camera Bernd Effenberger
    Sound Samuel Dalferth
    Production MavroCine 2010


    Everything is Music accompanies nine young musicians from different nations on their journey to Greece to the Samos Young Artists Festival.

    The documentary film, created in 2010 by Pauline Roenneberg, tells of passion for music, of the pressure that weighs on the young talents and of the energy that is created when people make music together. The film follows the musicians during their rehearsals, captures the moments before their performances, and describes the dynamics that are created when a group works toward a common goal.

    The members of the oboe quartet struggle tirelessly the day before their performance, for example, to find the right beginning for their piece, while the saxophonist Verena tries to convince her duet partner, the Russian pianist Dimitri, to practice "air piano" on the beach instead of in his dark room.

    As contrary as the different characters in the film are, they are connected all the more by what they love: music.

    Michael Springer; DVD Video, PAL, Stereo, Dolby Digital 2.0, Format 16:9
    Wide Screen, Duration: 58 min.

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