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Programme 2020

Dear friends,

unfortunately, due to the current situation the Schwarz Foundation had to decide to postpone the Samos Young Artists Festival 2020 to the year 2021, we're looking forward to the next year with the festival taking place from the 7th to the 13th of August at the Pythagorion ancient theatre, where the inherent properties of physics and mathematics within music were perceived by Pythagoras some 2,500 years ago. This year marks SYAF's tenth anniversary, and we will once again have the opportunity to share the experience of great evening concerts performed in a magnificent Mediterranean setting.

Please join us on this unique journey of unforgettable musical events on Samos – an ideal place to relax, enjoy the natural wonders, and experience the magic of music. See you at Pythagorion!

- Masha Ilyashov und Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos, Künstlerische Leitung 2020

The Schwarz Foundation is pleased to share that


on February 18, 2019, the Samos Young Artists Festival was awarded the prize 'given to a musical cultural organisation; active in the periphery, for its continuous support to young international musicians and the quality of programme, events & organisation on Samos.


We are expressing our gratitude and thankfulness to the Greek Drama and Music Critics Association with a video using footage from previous years.

Congratulations are due to all the participating musicians and the musical directors Alexis Karaiskakis Nastos & Masha Ilyashov.