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Musikstudios 2016–2017

Music Notes – Creative Music Workshops


Seeking to energise the Schwarz Foundation’s Music Rooms in the Chora of Samos and put it to good use during the winter period, Nikos Xydakis and his associates are organising three days of creative music workshops under the title Music Notes during December, January and February. The main objective of these workshops is to foster creative expression through music. The activities include academic pursuits, as well as fresh, contemporary readings, interpretations and experiences by renowned Greek and international artists.

* Conversations between musicians and ensembles that experiment in music composition and interpretation will be encouraged through experiencing the diversity of different kinds of music and the potential similarity of music concepts and creative expression.

* In the Music Rooms, people who can play a musical instrument will be able to practise on and study given compositions, or excerpts, or compose their own pieces.

* Variations on musical texts will also be possible as contributions to the workshops and for participation in the end performance.

* During the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to join the organisers/musicians of each cycle and perform together.

* Through discussions, interpretations and readings in a climate encouraging the participants’ engagement, they will share experiences and ideas on each workshop topic. The pieces produced during the course of the workshops will be performed in concert at the end by the organisers/musicians, together with some of the participants.

* The main goal will be the presentation of the workshop activities and the joint performance of selected participating musicians and the organisers/musicians.

For more information, please call Peny Petrakou at +30 22730 62031 (afternoon).