Samos Summer Academy 2018

    A group of people of different ages on stage arranged in two rows. In the front row 8 people are seating, each one playing a baroque instrument, i.e the flute, the lute, the recorder etc. Six people standing behind them are holding envelopes and they are singing.

    Ensemble of the Summer Academy of Samos 2018

    07.07 — 13.07.2018
    Chora, Samos

    Singers, young professionals and music students of baroque instruments (baroque violin, baroque cello, viola da gamba, lute, flute with beak, etc.) of the Athens Conservatoire and the Geneva Conservatory of Music are invited to take part in a week of rehearsals and seminars on instrumental works and songs by Troubadours in the 4th crusade.

    Francis Biggi and Dimitris Kountouras, professors of the above two institutions, accompany all participants in a fascinating exploration of music developed in the Frankish Greek area of the 13th century, as a result of the intersection of different cultures. At the end of this week, the ensemble of the Summer Academy of Samos offer the public a concert in which characteristic samples of this music will be presented. Secular instrumental works and songs by Troubadours that came to Byzantium in the 13th century. The program is performed on period instruments by instrumentalists and singers from seven different countries, who met in Samos.

    • Friday, July 13

      The Troubadours in the 4th Crusade Concert

      • Carolina Acuñavoice & gittern
      • Giulia Valentinivoice & gittern
      • Harry Vassilakisvoice
      • Constantine Karageorgiouvoice
      • Viktor Hartobanuvoice
      • Eirini Manolopoulouvoice
      • Marie Barbierrecorder
      • Roger Helouorganetto
      • Natacha Cabezasmedieval lute
      • Baptiste Chopinpsalterion
      • Maria Piotrowskafiddle
      • Jennifer Piggottfiddle

    The Troubadours in the 4th Crusade Concert Brochure

    • Il Viaggio d'Orfeo Concert Brochure

    Musical Direction

    Francis Biggi
    Dimitris Kountouras
    • Sunday, July 8

      Troubadours in the 4th Crusade: Music, Poetry and History Lecture

      • Dimitris Kountourasrecorder, baroque flute
    • Monday, July 9

      The Red Cat: The Poetics of the Troubadours Lecture

      • Francis Biggi
    • Wednesday, July 11

      Pythagoras and Medieval Tradition Lecture

      • Dimitris Kountourasrecorder, baroque flute
    • Thursday, July 12

      Mal cantava e mal violaba... Lecture

      • Francis Biggi


    • The lectures by Dimitris Kountouras and Francis Biggi will be open to the public as part of the Academy's public programme. Lectures start at 10 a.m. and last about an hour. At the Schwarz Foundation's Music Rooms at Chora, Samos.

    • Co-organised by the Haute Ecole de Musique de Geneve and the Athens Conservatoire. Supported by the Schwarz Foundation

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