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Mulo Francel

Saxophone & Clarinet

Mulo Francel is a saxophonist and globetrotter; he is also known as the creative whirlwind of the ensemble Quadro Nuevo.
The repeated winner of the Echo music prize and the German Jazz Award, he has been travelling around the world for years playing his music – from Bavaria to the Balkans and all the way to Buenos Aires. Francel's music thrives on his encounters with people, their cultures and their myths: the spontaneous improvisational energy of jazz, hypnotising oriental grooves, melodies from a long-vanished Italy, the tango and the vitality of the Caribbean.
Mulo Francel builds bridges through his music and passionately addresses his fellow musicians and listeners with each melody. His concentrated virtuosity is immediately evident: This is one of the stage's greatest ballad interpreters, spellbinding his audience with his velvet tones.