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Café del Mundo meets Mulo Francel & Didi Lowka (from Quadro Nuevo)

An extraordinary evening of encounters

Inspiration is the secret power behind music. Magical moments occur when this inspiration begins to flow, bewitching musicians and audience alike.
Such a moment occurred when the two Café del Mundo guitarists, Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian, collaborated with Mulo Francel, who has been described by the magazine Kulturnews as Europe's 'most sensuous contemporary saxophonist'. Together with his congenial double-bass partner, Didi Lowka, Francel founded the group Quadro Nuevo, regarded as today's most successful world music ensemble and two-time winner of an Echo music prize.
Listeners are enveloped in the tumultuous, sultry waves of the flamenco sound, the scintillating music of the South. Centuries old, flamenco is not only nostalgic but also modern and timeless – full of grace, passion and energy.
Europe, Africa and the Orient meet at the heart of this inspired music. The result is a moving, joyous exploration brimming with musical brilliance. Traditional flamenco rhythms join captivating Latin jazz impressions and tango in a charming, witty performance.

Alexander Kilian, Gitarre
Jan Pascal, Gitarre
Didi Lowka, Kontrabass
Mulo Francel, Saxophon