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SYAF 2019 - Lenia Safiropoulou & Ventus Ensemble

For the Lost Children of Our Time

with Lenia Safiropoulou (soprano) | Othonas Gogas (flute) | Yiannis Economou (oboe) | Yiannis Gounaris (french horn) | Dimitris Travlos (cello) | Ali Başeğmezler | Panagiotis Tziotis (violin) | Ilias Livieratos (violin)

This concert was a tribute to all the refugee children lost trying to cross the border seeking a better life, in a programme that also inspires hope and celebrates the European culture the festival stands for.

Photos ©Kevin Dalferth


SYAF 2019 - Trio Zadig

Musik von Xenakis, Mendelssohn and Dvořák

with Boris Borgolotto (violin) | Marc Girard-Garcia (cello) | Ian Barber (piano)

Photos ©Kevin Dalferth 

SYAF 2019 - Passion and Images

Music by Chopin, Liszt, and Mussorgsky

Dominic Cheli (piano)

 Photos ©Kevin Dalferth 

SYAF 2019 - Power of Virtuosity

Music by Turina, Beethoven, Enescu and Ravel

with Jonian Ilyas Kadesha (violin) | Martin Klett (piano)

 Photos ©Kevin Dalferth 

SYAF 2019 - Ex Silentio

Harmony of Nations - Late Baroque Chamber Music from Europe

with Dimitris Kountouras (recorder, baroque flute) | Fani Vovoni (baroque violin) | Darius Stabinskas (baroque cello) | Alina Rotaru (harpsichord)

  Photos ©Kevin Dalferth 

SYAF 2019 - Best of Song and Opera

Music by Schumann, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Schubert and Strauss 

with Lydia Teuscher (soprano) | Geoffroy Couteau (piano) 


SYAF 2019 - Cuarteto Soltango mit Leonel Capitano

Sin Palabras

with Martin Klett (piano) | Karel Bredenhorst (cello) | Thomas Reif (violin) | Andreas Rokseth (bandoneon) | Leonel Capitano (voice)