Samos YoungArtists Festival


Harun Farocki: Videoinstallations

Between Eye and Hand (Zwischen Auge und Hand)

Video installations by Harun Farocki in the former Hotel Pythagoras on Samos

Exhibition from July 20 to September 20, 2012. Official opening: August 4, 2012, 8 p.m. in the presence of the artist.

An exhibition accompanying the SAMOS YOUNG ARTISTS FESTIVAL in cooperation with the GALERIE THADDAEUS ROPAC, Paris/Salzburg.

Sponsored by the initiators of the Samos Young Artists Festival.

Curator: Antje Ehmann
Organizational consultation and support: Alexandros J. Stanas

The center of the exhibition is the four-part series Ernste Spiele (2009/2010). For this video installation, Farocki filmed soldiers on American military bases who were being trained with the aid of computer games.

These animation programs are used to prepare soldiers for missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other potential war zones. Part III of the series, Immersion, shows how nearly the same animated images are used in therapy to treat traumatized soldiers upon their return from military service. Farocki questions the status of these computer-animated images.

The relationship between technology and war also played an essential role in Farocki's earlier works. In Auge/Machine (2003), he investigates developments in war technology as they relate to new wars. He compares the types of surveillance technologies used in wars to the use of cameras in civilian life. These include video monitors in public spaces or high-tech industrial companies. It is apparent that both in war as well as in industry, the human eye is being increasingly replaced by computerized perception systems.

In the two-channel installation Vergleich über ein Drittes (2007), documentation of technologies for the production of bricks reveals the global system of continuity and inequality that defines the modern world. After working exclusively with video for many years, Farocki now had the opportunity to film in 16mm on construction sites in India, Africa and Europe.

The exhibition also contains Farocki's first film made without camera. In-Formation (2005) consists exclusively of pictograms scanned from school textbooks, periodicals and newspapers. Based on statistics and diagrams, Farocki reconstructs the history of migration to the Federal Republic of Germany. In doing so, he criticizes the manner in which migration is illustrated. By tracing certain iconic representations and symbols back to their origins and examining their meanings – meanings that were not consciously intended – ideology is discovered where it would not be expected.

Text: Antje Ehmann

All works are provided courtesy of Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris/Salzburg.




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Doryssa Bay Hotel, Pythagoreion, Samos
Faros Restaurant, Pythagoreion, Samos
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