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    The Schwarz Foundation is a private non-profit foundation whose mission is to promote the exchange between various cultures.

    In response to the fact that Europe is experiencing significant transformations, the Foundation's initiatives aim to stimulate fresh perspectives and critical dialogue, particularly in Southeast Europe and its global context.

    Through various projects, including artist residencies, concerts, exhibitions, fellowships, and community support efforts, the Foundation promotes collaboration and cultural exchange among Greece, Germany, and the broader European and international community. By emphasizing contemporary culture while acknowledging historical traditions and environmental concerns, the Foundation seeks to address current challenges and shape a sustainable future.

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    Agustín Guerrero, Leonel Capitano and Karel Bredenhorst at the SYAF 2023

    Samos Young Artists Festival 2023

    Leonel Capitano (voice, bandoneon), Karel Bredenhorst (cello), Agustín Guerrero (piano)

    Schwarz Foundation gGmbH

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    Hypovereinsbank München

    Schwarz Foundation gGmbH
    81667 München

    If you wish to receive a donation receipt, please include your name and address in the reference line.

    Your contribution helps us organise innovative projects and events that foster understanding, appreciation, and collaboration among cultures.

    The Schwarz Foundation gGmbH is a non-profit organisation based in Germany (and has a subsidiary in Greece).

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    Art Space Pythagorion 2014

    City Language III, 2009, video loop, 42 sec, Courtesy of the artist, Wentrup Gallery, Rampa Gallery

    photo by Stathis Mamalakis

    Die Schwarz-Stiftung ist eine private, gemeinnützige Stiftung, deren Aufgabe es ist, den Austausch zwischen verschiedenen Kulturen zu fördern. Über die Schwarz Foundation Art Space PythagorionSamos Young Artists FestivalMusikräume Samos KontaktSupport
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