Curatorial Residency, Samos


The curatorial residency supported by the Schwarz Foundation at their venue Art Space Pythagorion on the island of Samos is an opportunity for emerging curatorial professionals to gain experience in the day-to-day running of an existing exhibition.

Residents are offered full accommodation in the Art Space, where the Foundation's exhibitions take place, creating a vibrant living and working community. Residents will actively interact with the curatorial team and the artists during the installation of the exhibition. They will be provided an extensive briefing on the exhibition concept, curatorial practices adopted and the artists' intentions. At the start of the program, residents assist with the organisation of the opening and public program activities. Responsibilities include: distributing promotional materials, approaching local community members to publicize the show, assisting artists as they prepare for installing or realising their works, giving guided tours of the exhibition to visitors and aiding with mediation. Once the exhibition is running, residents are in charge of the mediation of the exhibition, taking care of the operation of the space and being the public face of the exhibition. Each resident works daily shifts in the exhibition space to sell tickets, track visitor demographics, make information easily accessible to visitors, and feed/ update social media. Audience engagement is hugely important, so the willingness to freely and confidently interact with the public is necessary. Beyond these basic duties, residents will give regular guided tours of the exhibition and should be comfortable with public speaking and some improvisation. A lot of effort should be put into developing a confident engagement with the local community, and critically engaging with the Art Space and its environment. Initiatives for engaging local audiences are appreciated.

Residents also maintain the space (assisting in keeping it orderly and notifying cleaning staff if there are issues) and ensure all artworks are properly functioning and ready to be viewed by the public. They are in charge of opening and closing the art space and - under the direction of the manager of the space - solve all issues that arise during the course of the exhibition. The production of parallel events (screenings, discussions, etc.) also falls under the purview of the curatorial residents. A lively and supportive creative exchange is hoped for and residents will be asked to conduct research and offer suggestions to benefit the exhibition as well as to propose events that complement it. A sincere and productive communication between the residents and the curatorial team is expected. Additionally, two of the residents will be responsible for the implementation of an educational program. Upon arrival in Samos, residents will be given specialized training by the Schwarz Foundation's Education Officer, and will then be in charge of giving educational tours and running artistic workshops for the public and for organised teachers and students groups. Throughout the course of the exhibition, residents are obliged to serve as documentarians, and producing weekly reports about the successes, failures, and challenges of the exhibition as well as mediating audience feedback. Finally, residents will be asked to choose a topic related to the themes discussed in the exhibition which they will then research in more depth during their residency. They will be asked to write a short essay on this topic, with the support of the assistant curator. At the end of the residency, participants are also asked to write a brief review/report of their experience.