Samos YoungArtists Festival

Educational Programme 2018

Anatomy of Political Melancholy

The educational programme of Art Space Pythagorion is based on the concept behind the exhibition's works, focusing on the students' empiric and psychological experiences through personal narratives and observations of society – how it was shaped by the crisis, immigration and economic shocks. Particular emphasis will be placed on the behavioral changes, individual and collective, caused by Political Melancholy, while historical examples of the depiction of Melancholy in art will be presented.

The educational program will focus on introducing the works in the exhibition through the creation of a “Notebook” which will include text corresponding to the different meanings of political melancholy, in order to poetically expressly content devised by the participants. Instead of protest slogans, a call for awareness and instead of violent provocations, shared expressions of common experience. The “Notebook” will be given to students in the form of 11 postcards with illustrations of the works of the exhibition. 


The children will write on the back side of each card, based on their experience of the exhibition. This final "pack" of images and phrases will belong to the participating children who will then have the chance to send their cards wherever they wish. The cards will act as reminders of an era, their own era, an era which is looking for ways to escape from clichés and outside manipulation. These "quotes" and cards will later be used in school as a trigger for discussion, writing of reports or texts, theatrical events or the production of a publication. The idea is to build a personal Artbook that collects images and phrases while acting as a reflection of a time characterised by political melancholy and personal impasses.

The educational program is designed for children over 10 years old. Each session lasts for 2 hours.

After the start of the academic year, the program will also be addressed to students.

The creation, coordination and implementation of the program will be held for the third consecutive year by visual artist Katerina Zacharopoulou.

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