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The Pythagoras Project

14., 16., 18. August 2015



Starting their research from Samos last August with the generous support of the Schwarz Foundation, for the past ten months the graduating class of the Athens Conservatory Drama School, in close collaboration with distinguished scientists and drama instructors, have tackled the concept “Pythagoras” from every possible angle. Together they have explored the methods and principles established by the great philosopher, as well as the influence of his ideas on various subjects -scientific and artistic- from his time through to the 21st century.

The result is a three-pronged theatrical event to be presented in Samos in August.


First part: «Traces»

Led by Georgina Kakoudaki

August 14th, Pythagorion, 18:30

This «Walking Performance» in the streets of Pythagorion will be based on history and everyday life experience, myth and reality, all kinds of sensations as perceived by the local population at the birthplace of Pythagoras and observed by the 12-actor company.


Second part:  «Numbers»

Directed by Konstantinos Arvanitakis

August 16th, Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion 21:00

In the non-dimensional world of ideas, Numbers don’t seem to be able to get along. Natural Numbers accuse all others of going against Nature. So they set out for the real world in order to resolve this existential agony. In the process they may realize that Pythagoras’ principal idea –that everything in this world can be expressed as arithmetic proportion– is what actually makes us human. But does it make us rational?


Third part:  Plato’s «Phaedo»

Directed by Akyllas Karazisis

August 18h, Pythagorion, 19:00

An attempt at a fragmented rendition of a Platonic dialogue

I walk / I think / I talk

My steps follow the pattern of the snail

I think of death and speak literally

The manner playful; oral; musical; entertaining. 

Occasionally accompanied by drums.


Featuring the actors:

Konstantinos Georgopoulos

Kristalli Zacharioudaki

Angeliki Zisoudi

Panagiotis Kammenos

Eleana Kafkala

Stella Magana

Maria Proistaki

Thanos Tsakalidis

Dimitris Tsesmelis

Electra Fragiadaki

Anthoula Heropoulou

Kostis Haramoundanis