Art SpacePythagorion

The Women of Troy

August 16th - 18th 2014

A tragedy based on Troades by Euripides

In the tragedy Troades Euripides addresses the destiny of the trojan women after the war was lost. The city was reduced to dust and ashes. Inhabitants have fallen in battle or had become victims to marauders. The women were facing enslavement and displacement from their homes.
As a warning against violent conflicts and their consequences the play is a timeless classic. With a transnational cast the ensemble relates to contemporary wars and conflicts. The collective work of actors and actresses from Germany, Greece and Turkey lights a beacon for transnational understanding and against past and present conflicts. Aside from being staged based on a custom text version the play also experiences an enrichment by various musical elements.

author: Prof. em. Dr. Ulrich Sinn