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Sebastian Manz

*1986 Germany

The grandson of the legendary Russian violinist Boris Goldstein, Sebastian Manz is also the son of pianists, was born in Hannover in 1986, and traces his musical roots to a German-Russian childhood home. At the age of six, he sang in a boys’ choir, made his first encounter with the piano, which he still masters, and shortly afterward concentrated on the clarinet. He became fascinated with the instrument after hearing Benny Goodman’s recording of Carl Maria von Weber’s E-flat major concert. Sabine Meyer and Rainer Wehle are among his most important teachers and sponsors.

Manz’ breakthrough arrived with his sensational success in winning the ARD International Music Competition in September 2008. In addition to first prize in the category clarinet, which hadn’t been awarded for 40 years, he also received the audience prize along with several additional special awards.

A few months previously, Manz had won the German Music Competition award together with Martin Klett, his piano partner in the Duo Riul. The recipient of two ECHO classic awards, Sebastian Manz ranks as one of the most sought-after soloist and chamber musicians of his generation. He has performed as solo clarinettist of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (SWR) since 2010 and has taught since 2015 at the University of Music, Karlsruhe.

In addition to his international trips to Japan, Brazil as well as across Europe, Sebastian Manz performed as ‘Artist in Residence’ in the 2015/2016 season for the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra. Furthermore, he debuted with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and accepted a renewed invitation from the Bergish Symphonics, with whom he will debut Magnus Lindberg’s clarinet concert, which is generally concidered to be unplayable.Together with parthner Martin Klett, he performs at venues in Salzburg, Stuttgart and Kiel, among others.