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Diego Imbert

*1966 France

For the past couple of years, Diego Imbert is among the French Double Bass players most in demand. He has acquired a profound understanding of stage performance thanks to the many concerts he has given over the past twenty years. This versatile Double Bass player is equally at ease in as diversified styles such as Gipsy jazz and modern, but also in Latin music, pop or even classical and contemporary music. His varied musical experiences have allowed him to develop his own voice by integrating and synthesizing all these influences.
He now plays regularly with Bireli Lagrène, Andre Ceccarelli, Didier Lockwood, Philip Catherine, Enrico Pieranunzi, David Linx, Sylvain Beuf or Daniel Mille.
He can moreover be heard playing with musicians such as : Archie Shepp, , Alex Tassel, Antonio Farao, Sara Lazarus, Jean-Michel Pilc, Franck Agulhon, Flavio Boltro, Pierre de Bethmann, Guillaume de Chassy, Aldo Romano, Rosario Giuliani, Franck Avitabile, Stephane Huchard, Alain Jean-Marie, Sylvain Luc, Michael Felberbaum, Olivier Ker Ourio, Baptiste Trotignon, Elisabeth Kontomanou...
Leader of his own Quartet since 2008 ( with David El-Malek-Sax, Alex Tassel-Fluegelhorn and Franck Agulhon-Drums), he has recorded three CDs with this outstanding band « A l'ombre du saule pleureur »(2009) et « Next Move » (2011) and «Colors» (2015). The musical orientation that this group experimented with since 2008 as their many concerts took place, lead Diego Imbert to write a new repertoire in which interaction, reactivity and melodies are at the center of the collective discourse. Diego's main influences in writing are Wayne Shorter and Dave Holland.
He also co-leads a duet with the guitarist Michel Perez and they released their first CD in 2013, «Double Entente». What's more, he wrote a classical/contemporary Concerto for DoubleBass, Clarinet and String Quartet.
Having a teaching degree in jazz, he teaches at the Music Academy Institute (MAI), at the Centre Musical Didier Lockwood (CMDL). For the latter he has run classes, workshops, seminars, master- classes and summer training courses.