Samos YoungArtists Festival

Educational Programme

August 5 - October 15

The Art Space Pythagorion in the context of the summer exhibitions provides free educational workshops and activities for 8 - 14 year old children. The program lasts for two hours and aims at familiarizing children with significant issues of our time such as immigration, the refugee crisis, tolerance and solidarity through contemporary art.

The educational program is designed by the visual artist Katerina Zacharopoulou and runs every Wednesday and Saturday from 7.00 to 9:00 pm. Programs are offered in both Greek and English. No reservations are required -- all children are welcome! Schools or special groups can also book in advance by contacting


Educational Programme 2016 - Good Earth @ Google Earth: Creative Workshops in the context of the exhibition A World Not Ours 

Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 7.00.

1) Meet at the Art Space Pythagorion (enter from the backyard).
2) Welcome and registration.
3) Introduction to the exhibition.
4) Handing out of materials for the creative workshop.
5) Familiarising with the activity book.
6) Conversations, drawing, cutting, collage, use of camera, questions and answers.
7) Acquainting ourselves with the art works + a walk around the exhibition.
8) Return to the workshop space for a group creation.
9) And a surprise...
10) Impressions, farewell!