Samos YoungArtists Festival


Born in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., in 1976; lives and works in San Francisco

Tomomi Itakura's installation Untitled (2017) juxtaposes key terms from 1967 with those of the current day. Giving us a literal signposting, Itakura allows us to see trajectories and progressions of essential concepts from the Summer of Love. Originally designed for the exhibition The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll (2017) at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, this work was created by Itakura to observe parallels between 2017 and 1967. The de Young Museum's exhibition commemorates the 50-year anniversary of the Summer of Love as it occurred at a local level in San Francisco. Summer of Love at the Art Space Pythagorion, on the other hand, takes a different approach, primarily engaging with contemporary rather than historical works and inquiring about the global implications of 1967: How did the Summer of Love help to create the world of today?
Both shows benefit from Itakura's suggested delineations between the milieu and moments of 1967 and their present-day correspondents. While the 'Haight -Ashbury' sign reflects a micro-shift in how some San Franciscans refer to the exact same neighbourhood, other signs such as 'Whole Earth Catalog/World Wide Web' point to less transparent but altogether tenable connections. Whether alluding to how sexual freedom and exploration during the Summer of Love led to marriage equality, or juxtaposing other popular ideas from 1967 and 2017 in conversation, Itakura's signposts point to the shifts in concerns between then and now.
Itakura adapted her original US-based work to the international context of Art Space Pythagorion's Summer of Love, and we are grateful to the artist and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco for allowing the signs to be shared in Samos.

Tomomi Itakura is a designer and founding partner of Boston-based design firm IKD. She is also the Director of Exhibition Design at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. She was formerly the Senior Designer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has also worked in the Exhibitions Department at Harvard Graduate School of Design and has taught digital media courses. She has worked in several architecture bureaus and has been a visiting design critic at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston Architectural College, and the Career Discovery Program at Harvard GSD. She has designed stage scenery for theatre companies such as Berkeley Opera (Berkeley, CA), Word for Word Performing Arts (San Francisco, CA), and Cornelia Lives Productions (San Francisco, CA). Tomomi holds BAs in Theatre Arts and Architecture from University of California Berkeley and a Master in Architecture from Harvard GSD.


Untitled, 2017
Courtesy Tomomi Itakuraand Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco